Required Documents
Required Documents:

No matter what the final destination country is, a High resolution copy of full set of original MBL and English invoice & packing list include H.S codes is absolutely necessary.

The additional required documents based on the final destination in each country are listed below:

Turkmenistan: certificate of origin

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan: Invoice and packing list in Russian language.

Azerbaijan: Original invoice & packing list and consignee VAT (VOAN) number on commercial shipments.

Health Certificate required for foodstuff commodities. Photosanitary Certificate required for the goods with Herbal basis Certificate of Analyses required for some products like Oil (for both Edible and industrial use)

image description
BL details:

Consignee: Saba Container Services INT’L Transport CO.

NO.15, 4th Floor, Eskan Bldg., Ferdowsi Blvd, Mashhad - Iran

Tel: 0098-51-37648917/37641267/37610956

FAX :0098-51-37648603

Additional information may be required:

Commercial Code: 411 393 783 683

National ID: 10380605222

Notify: Same as Consignee or actual Final CNEE or as per Owner’s instruction

Clause need to be mentioned on body of MBL: “Cargo is in transit to (country, city) by Saba Container Services INT'L Transport Co.”

please always mention the applied free time days in POD for COC containers.

Flexible payment plan
Flexible payment plan:

In case of having on going shipments from your esteemed company we can offer you 20 days’ free deposit time otherwise the shipment invoice must be settled after issuing the CMR , SMGS or Invoice (Debit note).

Our Bank accounts are available in China, UAE, Germany and Iran.

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